4 Tips to hitting Fairway Woods

Hitting a fairway wood off the fairway can be a daunting challenge for many golfers. This is usually exaggerated by the fact that you might be going for the green in two on a par five after a nice drive. Just like making good contact on any golf swing you need to have a good routine, here are four helpful tips:

Pick a small target

Many people have the tendency of picking a larger target when trying to hit the green with a fairway wood, however the opposite will give you greater success. If you select a wide target you aren’t as focused and it allows your brain to wander. Once you’ve picked a small target (it doesn’t need to be the flag, and sometimes that’s the worst target) then picture a line from the target to a spot a couple feet in front of the ball. At address all you need to think about is flying the ball directly over that spot.

Grip down for Control

Typically on a fairway wood shot you want to get some height to clear a bunker or stop on the green. Raise your left shoulder (for right-handed golfers) to help get the ball up. Also think of this as more of a control golf swing than a power shot, so grip down on the golf club to make help make more solid contact.

Play the Ball Forward

Position the golf ball just inside your left heal almost like with the driver. This allows you to make a fairly level stroke with a shallow golf swing. This tip works only if the ball is in the fairway, if you are in the rough, play the golf ball back a few inches to be sure to catch it before the golf club gets wrapped up in the deep stuff.

Slow down your swing

Most golfers instinct is to swing hard or be in a rush to get it over with. In actual fact you will find greater success if you slow the golf swing down and focus on hitting the ball flush. Good contact will produce a better shot than rushing the golf swing.