Golf Swing Tip for the Deep Stuff

Every golfer has that sinking feeling of walking up to his golf ball only to find it buried in the deep rough. It’s very common for a golfer who doesn’t understand the proper way to manage a tough lie in the rough to hack at the ball and barely get it out; or even worse, completely miss it. Although you’d much rather be in the fairway (read some of the article about driving for control) don’t panic, this little tip can help you get out of the rough and impress your playing partners.When the ball is sitting down in the rough, hitting a quality flop shot/pitch can be challenging as it’s difficult to make predictable contact.

Think of the deep rough much like you would treat a green side bunker shot and at address widen your stance and maintain the exaggerated knee flex throughout your swing. This lowers your centre of gravity and allows you to slide the clubface under the golf ball. It also helps keeps your body stable as the body works it way through the tall grass. Try this type and the deep rough shots should be something that no longer shakes your confidence.