Golf Swing for a Powerful Drive

Hitting a big bomb down the fairway makes most golfers walk with their chest held high and a little bit of a swagger. Although trying to crush the golf ball isn’t always the smartest play, there are times when you should grip it and rip it. In particular if there’s a reachable par4 or a par 5 without too much trouble. Here are a few tips for your golf swing that can help you hit your driver a little further.

The Set Up

Step 1:
Tee the golf ball a little higher than normal and move it forward in your golf stance. It should roughly be in line with your front foot. A forward ball position naturally makes your body fall into a power set up.

Step 2:
With the ball moved forward in the stance, your head will naturally be further back behind the ball, with the shaft of your golf club leaning back and your right shoulder (for right handed golfers) low.

Step 3:
Keep equal weight on both feet and widen your golf stance. Make sure that your torso feels loose, relaxed and prepared to hit the golf ball with an upward strike.

The Takeaway

Step 1:
Draw the club back slowly, but not too slow that there’s tension in your forearms. You need to maintain a comfortable and relaxed grip or else your hands won’t release on the downswing.

Step 2:
At the top of your swing about 70 to 80 percent of your weight should be on your right side. At this point in the golf swing you head has moved further back behind the golf ball. How far back you take your head is a matter of preference. Some golfers say that it’s a matter of timing and the further back you take it, the more powerful your golf swing.


Step 1:
At this point your body is in a great position to unleash the power that you’ve created. You now need to step on the gas and make an aggressive downswing. If you hang back and are tentative the tendency is to flip your arms at the golf ball and that’s when your shot will go sideways. Keep your body moving forward and just trust your swing moving all your weight to the left side.