Golf Swing for a Controlled Drive

When facing a tight fairway or you just need to get the golf ball in play, sometimes the smarter golf play is to go with a more controlled golf swing. But how many times have you tried to take a little off your golf swing only to still end up in the rough or even worse the woods or water. Timing is important in a golf swing and decelerating or hesitating on your downswing can sometimes cause just as many issues for your drive as just trying to kill the golf ball. We provide some practical golf swing tips that will help improve your driving and control for the times that “gripping it and ripping it” doesn’t make sense.

The Set Up

Step 1:

Choke down on the club about two inches. The shorter the distance from hands to club head the more control that you will have over your driver. There’s nothing wrong with choking down on the club and it will provide you with more control of your golf swing.

Step 2:

Take a narrower stance. Your feet should at maximum be only shoulder width apart.

Step 3:

Tee the golf ball lower than you would for a powerful drive so that the top of the golf ball is in line with the top of the driver.

Step 4:

Move the golf ball back in your stance slightly so that it is inside your front foot; approximately 3 inches off of your left instep (for a right handed golfer). By moving the ball back in your golf stance you are causing your shoulders to to be more level and you will feel more centered over the golf ball.

The Takeaway

Step 1:

Relax and don’t think about much. Having a great golf set up puts you into position for a solid takeaway. With the small adjustments made, you are much more compact and there’s less room for error. The more that you think about during the golf swing, the more that can go wrong – keep it simple.

Step 2:

Move about 60% of your weight to the back foot – this should be a natural part of the golf swing but is something that you can look at when you practice the swing. You will also notice that your head hasn’t moved back as far as it would with the powerful golf swing.

The Downswing

At this point of your swing everything should be all set up and there’s nothing to think about except to swing aggressively. This may seem counter intuitive but even with a controlled golf swing you need to take an aggressive downswing to make solid contact and have the correct timing. If you followed the steps for a proper set up and takeaway you are in great position to make solid contact. The key is that if you hold back there is a tendency to flip your arms and your ball will go sideways.

Make sure that you keep moving forward and if you trust it and whip your weight to the front foot you’ll drive it straight. At least more often than not.