About Me

My dad first took me out to play golf when I was 7 years old and after 25 years I haven’t looked back. Like any golfer I’ve had my good years and bad years, but every year I wish I could play more golf than I do. As a teenager I was playing 6 or 7 days a week and spent my summers at the course; now that I have a family to feed I don’t have that kind of time and as a result I don’t get out and play as much as I’d like.

Since time is not a luxury, I need to be much more efficient with my practicing. Plus without the option of just playing another round of golf tomorrow, I want to play better and get more out of my rounds than I used too.

I built this website since over the years I’ve picked up many tips from professionals and my own game. But most importantly I want to create a resource to help other golfers get better and improve their golf swing. I know what it’s like to break 80 for the first time or have a hole-in-one (I have had two, 6 days apart when I was 15 years old).

Good luck on the course!