Golf Swing Basics

Billions of dollars are spent each year by golfers trying to build the perfect golf swing. No matter how good you are, whether you’re a scratch golfer or hoping to break 100 for the first time, you can always improve your golf swing. If Tiger can win a tournament and state that he “didn’t play his A game” then there’s room for improvement for all golfers.

If you’re like most golfers you’ve either spent hundreds of dollars on a lesson to improve your golf swing, hours searching for tips online or just suffer through a 5 hour round frustrated by the game you love. Golf Swing Basics Now was created by golfers, for golfers.

On this website you’ll find great tips about building a great golf swing. However we don’t have all the answers and have found one product that goes above and beyond for golfers. If you have not checked out The Simple Golf Swing we highly recommend it.

Having too many thoughts cloud your mind when making a golf swing can be detrimental and make things worse. Everyone has a different golf swing and if you’ve been playing golf for a long time, some changes are harder to make. These tips are useful to help you in understanding the golf swing basics now.

1. Practice Golf Swing

Make your practice swings count. How many times have you or someone in your golf group said “If only I could hit the ball with my practice swing”. The reason is simple, with a practise golf swing you don’t need to square your club and swing freely. When there’s a golf ball to hit you at least subconsciously know that you must square the club face and tension sets in causing all sorts of faults.
Most players will make their practise swing by hitting nothing but air, these golf swings don’t really count for anything. Next time you make a practise swing, make it count by aiming at something whether it be a blade of grass of dandelion.

2. The Waggle

The main purpose of the waggle is to help turn on the juices and get the adrenaline going. It can also act as a small practise swing back as the great Ben Hogan has said: don’t groove your waggle, just get the feel and swing. Bobby Jones was reported as saying, if you him waggle more than twice he usually hit a bad shot. The key is to know what works for you, and the waggle definitely helps some golfers get rady for their golf swing.

3. Hand Position

Teaching legend Harvey Penick recommended that players should hold their hands towards the inside of their left thigh on every shot, except the driver. With the driver it should be closer to the zipper. If that moves a player slightly behind the golf ball at address he was fine with that as it encourages players to hit on the upswing.

4. How to tell where you’re aimed

It’s common to see players at a driving range place a golf club at their feet to see where they are aimed, but this will tell you little. Instead you should take your stance and hold the golf club along the front of your thighs. Look where the golf club is pointing (or have a friend tell you) and that’s where you are aiming.

5. Start the Golf Backswing

To start the golf swing you need some sort of forward press that sets off the action. Think of holding a bucket of water with your hands on either side of the bucket. If you’re going to swing the bucket back like a golf backswing you won’t just naturally do it from a dead stop. Your hands and hips and shoulders will naturally rock forward a tiny bit to provide the reaction that gives momentum to the backswing. This starts the turn and the shift of weight to the right foot that you would need to swing a bucket of water. Your hands will follow your turn into the backswing as the bucket goes up, and your left heel will rise.

6. The Turn

The turn away from the golf ball and back through it again is a simple golf movement that has been made to seem complicated. Keep it simple. Stand erect with your knees slightly flexed and your eyes on the ball. Turn your body to the right with your weight to the right foot and let your left heel gently come up about an inch. It’s like turning to say hi to someone on your right. Your arms keep swinging until your shaft is behind you and points to the target. Now let your weight shift back to your left foot at the same time your right elbow starts back toward your side, and continue turning as if to say hello to someone on your left. Just remember the turn is a natural movement of the body.

We understand the challenges that you go through in trying to build the perfect golf swing and with over 25 years of experience playing we’ve seen it all. We feel that every level of golfer has different needs and challenges related to their golf game and that’s why we include some tips for the beginning all the way to more advanced golf swing tips for the scratch golfer.

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